Multiple cursors with Vim

Multiple cursor before the first character of the next couple of lines first item second item third item last item Move your cursor to the first character in the first line. Press v to enter into visual mode Press j until all the lines you want to edit have been selected Press I to enter into insert mode at the beginning of the line Type the text you want and hit Escape My first item My second item My third item My last item

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Though Vim is open sourced, Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim, is the primary contributor to the project. Neovim solves this by refactoring the code and allowing more contributors to participate in the development of the project. For Mac users, you can install Neovim from Homebrew, brew install neovim

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SpaceVim is a Vim distribution inspired by spacemacs. SpaceVim is not a GUI. After installing SpaceVim, it will alter the configuration of Vim and Neovim with sensible defaults. This means that when you launch Vim or Neovim you will now get SpaceVim instead.

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Use Vim-like commands in Firefox

Using Vim commands allows us to reduce the number of times we need to lift our hands away from the keyboard to reach for your mouse. While most code editors typically support Vim commands, we can’t say the same for most other applications. Luckily, with browser extensions, we are able to use Vim commands in the browser. Install the Vim Vixen browser extension to use Vim commands. Some useful commands to remember:...

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Useful Vim commands

A list of the most commonly used Vim commands

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