Singapore's approach to taxation

Several years ago, a friend of mine from Germany visited Singapore. They were really impressed with the well maintained roads, excellent public transportation system, and infrastructure. However, they wondered how it was possible for the Singapore government to fund all this with such low income taxes. In countries like Germany and Australia, they have very high income taxes in order to pay for public goods such as healthcare, education, transportation, and infrastructure....

October 4, 2021 · 3 min · Jesstern Rays

History of Singapore

Historian PJ Thum narrates the history of Singapore in this podcast series

1 min · Jesstern Rays

Tomorrow City

Building Singapore’s deep tunnel sewerage system Radical innovations to Singapore’s water problem Building one of the world’s largest floating solar farms

1 min · Jesstern Rays

We, the Citizens

Kirsten Han’s newsletter covering Singapore from a rights-based perspective.

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