:set number – show line numbers


Esc – command mode (default mode)

i – insert mode (before cursor)

a – insert mode (after cursor)

v – visual mode to select text to y (yank) or d (delete) text

Quiting Vim

:q – quit

:q! – quit without saving

:wq – save and quit

:ZZ – save and quit

Undo and redo

u – undo the previous command

U – undo the whole line

Ctrl + R – redo the previous command

Copy and paste

yw – yank (copy) a word

yy – yank (copy) the entire line

y$ – yank from cursor position to end of line

yG – yank from cursor position to end of file

p – to put or paste the text that was copied or deleted


x – delete a character

dw – delete word

dd – delete line

d$ – delete from cursor to end of line

cw – change word; this will delete the word and put you in insert mode

h – move left

l – move right

j – move down

k – move down

0 – move to start of line

$ – move to end of line

nG – move to line number where n is the line number (e.g. 54G goes to line 54)

[[ – move to start of file

]] – move to end of file