There are three main types of switches to choose from:


Tactile switches are the most suitable ones for most users. They require a bit more force to activate the keys and therefore reduce accidental typos.

This is my preferred choice.

Animation of tactile switch internal mechanism


Clicky switches are a type of tactile switch that emit an audible click sound when pressed. This may not be suitable when working in an office space as the typing can get loud and annoying.

Animation of tactile and audible switch internal mechanism


Linear switches have no feedback when pressed and are more suitable for gamers. Accidentally hitting a key will activate it which results in more typos, but is acceptable for gaming as speed is more important than accuracy.

Animation of linear switch internal mechanism


If you’re new to mechanical keyboard switches and don’t know which one to get, then I would suggest getting tactile switches. They are the most versatile and suitable for both regular typing and gaming.