When it comes to handling values that require precision, using data types like float and double may result in unexpected behavior.

double doubleValue = 0.012;
double doubleSum = doubleValue + doubleValue + doubleValue;

In this example, we would expect the sum to be 0.036, but instead we get 0.036000000000000004.

This can lead to a lot of issues when we are dealing with currency conversion. For this reason, it is recommended to use BigDecimal instead.

We first create a new BigDecimal value with the .valueOf() static method.

BigDecimal bigValue = BigDecimal.valueOf(doubleValue);

bigValue is a BigDecimal object which has a .add() instance method that can be chained.

BigDecimal bigSum = bigValue.add(bigValue).add(bigValue);

We now get the correct result of 0.036. If we want, we can convert this value back to double with the .doubleValue() method.

double doubleSumConverted = bigSum.doubleValue();